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About the UK Stroke Assembly

What is the UK Stroke Assembly?

The UK Stroke Assembly brings together those people affected by stroke to share their hopes and concerns in a UK wide forum.  This annual event brings together stroke survivors, carers and their families and gives them a voice to have their say on the issues that affect them. At the UK Stroke Assembly those affected by stroke can:

  • share their experiences
  • network with like minded people
  • interact with decision makers
  • hear developments in stroke
  • try something new
  • take action on stroke

The opportunity to share experiences with stroke survivors’, carers and professionals alike is very inspirational and fulfilling.


See the film below about what the UK Stroke Assembly is about.


Who is organising the UK Stroke Assembly?

The UK Stroke Assembly is hosted by the Stroke Association.  The planning and organising of this event is governed by the UK Stroke Assembly Steering Group.  The Steering Group is made up of national stroke organisations and individual stroke survivors representing the stroke communities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Steering Group is also influenced by the views and ideas of the Advisory Group, representing those affected by stroke.

The Steering Group consists of the following member organisations:

- Stroke Association

- Clinical Research Network

- Speakability

- InterAct Stroke Support

- Connect

- Different Strokes


What is on the programme?

The two day event is tailored towards the needs of stroke survivors and the things that matter to them.  The UK Stroke Assembly programme is influenced by stroke survivors, carers and those committed to improving stroke care. It includes talks, workshops and exhibitions focusing on practical solutions to support life after stroke, developments in research, stroke care and campaigning.  The programme for 2016 will be planned early in the new year.  In the meantime go to the 2015 Assembly page for details of the presentations from the UK Stroke Assembly 2015.


Is it suitable for you?

We know that attending a conference may not be easy or something you have done before.  We have carefully chosen a venue that is accessible to suit your needs and designed the programme to allow time to rest. You can take the event at your own pace and feel free to take a break or visit the rest and relaxation at any time. With the help of Speakability we will also be providing communication support to those people who need it and making sure that the all speakers are briefed about making their presentations accessible.

If you have any concerns about attending then please contact us. We will do our best to meet your needs.

  Our friend felt much more confident following the Assembly and planned to identify a local support group to join.  She was definitely changed by the experience and now feels less isolated.