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About the UK Stroke Assembly

The UK Stroke Assembly gives people affected by stroke an opportunity to have their say on the issues that affect them. The Assembly takes place once a year. It brings together stroke survivors, carers, stroke charities and researchers. The messages that come out of the Assembly will be passed on to decision makers and those working in the field of stroke.

The first ever UK Stroke Assembly took place in June 2011. It was attended by 200 people and was a great success.  Now in its fourth year the Assembly has grown in success each year.  See the film below about what the UK Stroke Assembly is about.


See the 2014 Assembly page for presentations from the UK Stroke Assembly 2014. We will let you know what were the key messages that came out of the 2014 Assembly and how these are being used.

A key message from the UK Stroke Assembly 2013 was about aphasia etiquette.